An Chuang (Teochew and Hokkien)

Items to set up the matrimonial bed:

To place on a big red plate:

  • Even number of oranges
  • 2 angbaos
  • 1 packet of candy
  • All items from the Gift Box 礼金
    • Dried longan
    • Red date
    • Lily bulbs
    • Walnut/ peanut
    • Lotus seeds
    • Dried tangerine
    • Pine tree leaf
    • Dried melon slice
  • Fate coins 大缘小缘 (From Dowry: To place at 4 corners of bed, room, cupboards and drawers
  • Antique Chinese coin (Insert 2 coins with heads facing angbaos, 1 coin per corner of the mattress, and 1 coin under each pillow)

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